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The SAGE and PAGE co-op exists through the dedication of hard-working volunteers. Please review these guidelines to determine if our co-op is right for your family.


What a co-operative is: A group of people working or acting together willingly for a common purpose or benefit. 


What a co-operative is not: A group of people where a small percentage gives the greater effort, yet all share the benefits (socialization, academics, reduced cost, etc.)


Families who join the SAGE and PAGE must agree to SERVE. A minimum commitment of two hours per week is required. Please ensure that you are able to set aside the time required before seeking membership. Our goal is to provide academic and social outlets for homeschooling families and that requires people. When everyone does their part, the co-op thrives.


What a volunteer is: a person who offers himself for a service or undertaking willingly and without pay.


What a volunteer is not: someone who agrees to perform a duty but neglects it for a 'day off', outside appointments, etc. and feels free to do so because they aren't receiving a paycheck.


Our society doesn't always appreciate those who give freely of their time and talents. Somehow, the message that volunteers can show up when they choose and give less than their best effort seems to prevail. At SAGE and PAGE, we expect all volunteers to be present, punctual and prepared to assist local homeschoolers with their gifts. We appreciate and esteem our co-laborers.


There are many different ways to volunteer. We have room for teachers, classroom assistants, nursery helpers, lunch servers, cleaners, administrative helpers, on-call substitutes and more. All volunteer positions are vital.  


SAGE AND PAGE VOLUNTEERS ARE EXPECTED TO COMPLETE THEIR AGREED-UPON ASSIGNMENTS DILIGENTLY. Those who do not can expect billing adjustments, make-up hours and the possibility of removal from their assignments, which may affect their connection to the co-op. Students may not attend classes until a volunteer plan is in place.


An effective, successful co-op is a 'win-win' for all parties involved: parents, teachers and students. Please discuss this with the appropriate site administrator if you have any questions.


Thank you to our faithful volunteers!





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