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We meet on Fridays at Coastal Community Church


Deer Park Campus
826 J. Clyde Morris Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601



 Due to Covid-19 all on-campus classes have been suspended. Classes will be continued at individual teacher's disgretion via Zoom or other video means.  We are planning to continue on-campus classes in September, but will be waiting to make the final decision.  Please check back for updates. 



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SAGE and PAGE, an incorporated and non-profit 501-3c organization, has been serving Hampton Roads' families for nearly two decades. We are a Christian co-op that upholds a traditional Christian worldview and uses the Bible as our standard of truth. Participation in our co-op mandates that the families desire their children to be mentored in this traditional Christian worldview and that the actions of each individual reflects core Biblical guidelines.


SAGE and PAGE is comprised of:  


PAGE (Peninsula Academy of Godly Education) which meets at Deer Park Baptist Church in Newport News on Fridays and runs a full day (8:45 am - 3:00 pm); and


SAGE (Southside Academy of Godly Education) which meets once or twice a month for field trips and special events. Currently SAGE is not active do to the lack of families to participate. Once there is enough interest and families, SAGE will be reactivated. 


As a homeschool co-operative, our students come together to learn Social Studies, Sciences, Language Arts, Math, Foreign Language, Worship Music, Art, and more. We hold a Science Fair and an Art Fair every year as well as a graduation for our seniors.

Our mission is to provide academic, social and spiritual enrichment to home-educated children and their families in a safe environment. We endeavor to keep our co-operative cost to members down so the fee is per family without regard to how many children, and each family contributes in some way. Our teachers are the parents of current or past students and are all volunteers. We believe that as a co-operative, parents should contribute their time in some way and become personally vested in making our co-operative work.



Deer Park Baptist Church

826 J. Clyde Morris Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601


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