Important Dates

New Family Interviews

If you are a new family interested in attending PAGE for the 2018-2019 school year please Contact Us.


Held at Deer Park Baptist Church

July 30 10 AM - 12PM


August 2 6PM - 8PM

For more information: Contact Us

Meet the Teachers

Held at Deer Park Baptist Church

August 16 6PM - 8PM

For more information: Contact Us

Teacher Training

Held at Deer Park Baptist Church
Mandatory training for all teachers & volunteers.

August 23 10AM - 12 PM

For more information: Contact Us

PAGE Class Schedule

LAST UPDATED 7/19/2018


Schedule is subject to change as new families register for co-op. Please take a look at the schedule below and class descriptions and prayerfully consider where you might serve. All families are required to volunteer (a minimum of two hours for part time, and four hours for full time) at the co-op during co-op hours. Many hands make light work.

Elementary Classes

 HOUR 1st & 2nd Grades 3rd & 4th Grades 5th & 6th Grades
1  Sight Words (Torres)  Spanish (Mattos) Reading (Jaymes)
    Math (Harper) Exploring Botany (Dungan)
2 Math Games (Torres)  PE (Marvel) Language Arts (Jaymes)
  Computer  Science (Bias) Geography (Dungan)
3 PE (Marvel) Virginia Studies (Harper) Penmanship (Jaymes)
      US History (Dungan)
4 Art (Lamb) Nifty Fifty (Dungan) PE (Marvel)
5 Spanish (Mattos) Art (Lamb) Art (Lamb)

Middle & High School Classes

HOUR  7th & 8th Grades 9th -12th Grades
1 Spanish I (Fullwood) Spanish I (Fullwood)
  Sewing (Knapp) Sewing (Knapp)
  English Lit & Comp (Kelly) English Literature & Comp (Kelly)
    Biology Lecture (Foreman)
2 Spanish II (Fullwood) Spanish II (Fullwood)
  Spanish III (Knapp) Spanish III (Knapp)
  Shakespeare (Lamb) Biology Lab (Foreman)
    Government (Jordan)
3 Physical Science (Lamb) Physical Science (Lamb)
  World History (Bias) World History (Bias)
    Chemistry Lecture (Foreman)
    Public Speaking (Jordan)
4 Reading / Literature (Jaymes) Chemistry Lab (Foreman)
  ASL II (Bias) ASL II (Bias)
    Christian World View (Jordan)
    Basic Home / Auto Maintenance (Council)
5 US History (Kelly) US History (Kelly)
  ASL I (Bias) ASL I (Bias)
    Computer (Coding) 10th-12th (Jordan) 
    Yearbook (Marvel)

Study Hall will be offered each hour.

Nursery, Pre-K, and K

Nursery, Pre-K, and K are offered for the full day for co-op families.