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Each class is taught/facilitated by a member volunteer with the Co-Op providing teacher/facilitator books and materials from our curriculum library. Teachers/Facilitators preferring to use a different curriculum may do so upon the site director's approval.

Volunteer teachers may ask for assistance in lesson planning or writing a syllabus.

Schedule is subject to change if there are classes without teachers. Please take a look at the schedule below and class descriptions and prayerfully consider where you might serve.

Elementary Classes

 HOUR 1st - 3rd Grades 4th - 6th Grades  

 Spanish (Knapp)

Reading: Chronicles of Narnia (Growney)  
2  Math Games (Growney)  Grammar & Writing (Miller)  


Hands on Science (Raschen)

   Geography/History (Abott)    
4 Hands on Science (Raschen) PE (Marvel)  
     Geography/History (Abott)  
5 Art (Growney)  Art (Growney)  

Middle & High School Classes

HOUR  7th & 8th Grades Only Shared Classes      9th -12th Grades Only
1 English Literature (Lamb)   Personal Finance (Councell) FULL
    Sewing (Abbott)  
    Study Hall  
2 P.E./Health (Jones) Spanish II (Knapp) Spanish II (Fullwood)
    Study Hall Spanish III (Knapp)
      Life Prep (Jordan)
3 History (Jones) Art (Growney) I.E.W. (Watson)
    Study Hall  
4 I.E.W.(Watson) Study Hall Chemistry (Foreman)
       English Literature (Lamb) 
      Christian World View (Jordan)
5 Science (Lamb) Yearbook (Marvel) Public Speaking (Jordan)
    Study Hall  Chemistry Lab (Foreman)

Zoom Classes to be offered are U.S. History and World History by Ted Lamb.

Times are TBA and they are High School ONLY.

Nursery, Pre-K, and K

Nursery, Pre-K, and K are offered for the full day for co-op families, if there are volunteers to staff them. Children in these classes must have a sibling in the 1st-12th grade classes.





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