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Each class is taught/facilitated by a member volunteer with the co-op providing teacher/facilitator books and materials from our curriculum library. Teachers/Facilitators preferring to use a different curriculum may do so upon the site director's approval.

Volunteer teachers may ask for assistance in lesson planning or writing a syllabus.

Schedule is subject to change as needs arise, members join and classes are added, and teachers are available.. Please take a look at the schedule below and prayerfully consider where you might serve.


Elementary Classes

 HOUR 1st - 3rd Grades 4th - 6th Grades  
1   Literature (Marshall)  
2   Institute for Excellence in Writing (Jacob)  


3   Hands-on Science (Marshall)  
Chapel     CHAPEL  
Lunch     LUNCH  
4   Recreation (English)  

Middle & High School Classes

Zoom Classes to be offered are U.S. History and World History by Ted Lamb.

Times are TBA and they are High School ONLY.

HOUR  7th & 8th Grades Only     9th -12th Grades Only
1      Personal Finance (Lamb)
2 Institute for Excellence in Writing (Jacob)   Institute for Excellence in Writing (Jacob)
3  Year Book     Year Book (Wilson)
       Literature (Lamb)


12:15   LUNCH   LUNCH


Christian World View (Jordan)
5      Public Speaking (Jordan)
       Spanish (Knapp)

Nursery, Pre-K, and K

Nursery, Pre-K, and K are offered for the full day for co-op families, contingent on volunteers to staff them. Please consider volunteering here to fill one or more of your volunteer hours.





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